Jenny Putnam, CD(DONA) | Full Spectrum Doula & Childbirth Educator

Trainings and Advocacy

DONA-certified Birth Doula
PAIL (Pregnancy & Infant Loss) Advocate
CAPPA-trained Childbirth Educator
The VBAC Link-trained VBAC Doula
Volunteer Doula with Connecting Young Moms program at Beverly Hospital, Beverly MA

My name is Jenny Putnam, and I’m a DONA-certified birth doula serving the north shore of Massachusetts and coastal New Hampshire. My interest in supporting birthing people goes back many years. While living in California in the mid-1990s, I acted as labor companion for a pair of close friends who were expecting their first child. I found the experience incredibly powerful and uplifting. It literally changed my life, and pursuing a career in birth support became a long-harbored dream of mine.

My own son’s birth in 2005 added a completely different perspective to my experience. After a bout with breast cancer and struggling with infertility, I eventually got pregnant with the help of a medicated IUI, and went on to have a mostly complication-free pregnancy.

Unfortunately, once my partner and I found ourselves in the labor and delivery room, we faced questions for which we had no answers. My son was born vaginally, with no complications, but my experience of his birth left me feeling frustrated and unhappy with myself and my choices. I realized the critical importance of in-depth prenatal education and a plan to cope with labor, especially for first-time parents. This strengthened my resolve to help others avoid the same situation.

In 2017 I finally made the decision to put my long-standing career as a graphic designer on the back burner, and take the plunge to become a birth doula. While I was excited about the chance to finally put my dream into action, it wasn’t until I had finished my training and joined the doula community that I really understood the passion I have for birthwork. It is a calling in the truest sense of the word, and I am beyond grateful to have the opportunity to engage in such meaningful work.

When I’m not supporting birthing clients, I am an independent book designer. I also enjoy kayaking the beautiful lakes and rivers near my home, knitting, exploring the history of New England, and gardening.


I’m honored to support my clients in achieving their ideal birth experience.

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Jenny’s calm, steady presence and encouragement allowed me to get through labor without painkillers.

Anne G.